TRANSark is the shared vision of a transdisciplinary group of educational programs at NTNU, a pedagogical development centre with the ambition of contributing to the emerging paradigm shift in higher education. Whilst being ‘best’ refers to practice within existing paradigms, ‘next’ represents the practice we need today, in order to remain relvant in the future.

We live in times of major transition. Climate change and frequent economic or environmental crises affect all areas of the globe, whilst new technologies, social media and cultural mobility are radically altering our world-view. Consequently, today’s knowledge will soon become outdated and will no longer suffice to find the right answers. Change in pedagogical practice has been slow when compared to these developments.

Projects at NTNU have exemplified the benefits of, and stressed the need for, a radical shift from content-based education to active learning. Such initiatives empower students to learn actively, embrace and navigate complexity, and implement societal change.

Experiences and findings from TRANSark activities will form the basis for new pedagogical theories - pilots for implementation in the targets of the TRANSark work packages and other relevant study programs. TRANSark will explore, challenge and develop the relationship between discipline-specific pedagogies and general pedagogies, with the purpose of re-thinking both.

TRANSark is hosted by NTNU, the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, in collaboration with the Unit of Educational Development. Since opening in November 2014, the centre has widened its scope to include the Department of Product Design and the Faculty of Medicine, moving towards a focus on general pedagogies, applicable to a wider audience. 

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Work Package 1: Making Is Thinking
Lateral thinking, tacit knowlegde and the connection between the mind and body

Work Package 2: Live Learning
Real-world situations and problem-based learning within Communities of Practice

Collage of pictures of students and projects
Work Package 3: Complexity and Depth
Multi-perspective understanding and learning as a process of personal growth

Work Package 4: Emerging Pedagogical Practices
Theoretical framework for the development of pedagogies for other work packages