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Locate NTNU IT's sections, service points and meeting rooms in the map:     

Meeting rooms

  • Tigris (3.etg. (2nd floor) A3-117 Realfagbygget)
  • RA-II  (3.etg. (2nd floor) A3-136 Realfagbygget)
  • Berserk (3.etg. (2nd floor) A3-103 Realfagbygget)
  • Elvegris (2.etg. (1st floor) A2-101 Realfagbygget)
  • Nova (2.etg. (1st floor)  A2-105 Realfagbygget)
  • Fram (3.etg. (2nd floor) A3-118 Realfagbygget)
  • Lerkendal stort (Basement S-214 Byggteknisk)


Bus stop

Service points (Orakel) for students

More about Orakel Support Services

 NTNU IT's  sections 

  • Customer Center
  • Network
  • Application
  • Device Management
  • Staff
  • Platform
  • Orakel
  • Scientific data processing
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