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Collaboration with NTNU

– Partnership and knowledge development

NTNU Alumni creates close links between knowledge and society – a win-win situation for businesses, organizations, and NTNU. Do you and your business want to work together with NTNU? NTNU Alumni establishes contact between our members and our academic communities.


Photo: Julie Geir Mogen/NTNU

Collaboration with NTNU Alumni

As a member of NTNU Alumni, you belong to a network of over 40,000 members in more than 100 countries. The network offers you opportunities for updates in your discipline, developing your own network, exchanging experience, and collaboration.

Here, you will find people with precisely the knowledge you need in your projects and people who can help you to advance in your career. Build your network by taking part in our events, or get involved in our networking groups.

Collaboration with academic communities

 Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNU

Collaboration with our academic communities

NTNU’s academic communities work in partnership with employers, business, as well as research and development in many different countries to create knowledge for a better world.

As one of our alumni, you can stay up to date on what is happening in your academic community at NTNU. You can contribute issues and cases for research projects, or participate as a partner in projects. For academic communities, you can also be a door opener to relevant players and institutions. In this way, you can help to bring more knowledge into your profession or industry (in Norwegian).

NTNU Alumni is a gateway to establishing cooperation.

Collaboration with our students

Samarbeid med våre studenter

Collaboration with our students

By keeping in touch with our academic communities, you gain the opportunity to recruit the best students to your business or organization. You can also suggest research questions for student theses, and you can share your experience. You can hold a guest lecture or the opening presentation at events and conferences; you can contribute to job shadowing programmes or offer internships (in Norwegian).

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing means one day of practical work experience. As an alumn, you can be a job shadow host and invite a student to shadow you for one day at work. This gives students valuable insight into working life, and you have the opportunity to promote your organization (in Norwegian).


With an internship, you can offer students 3-6 months of work experience at your workplace. Students are eager to test the theory they have learned in practice and to contribute to day-to-day work in your organization. Right now, we are looking for international internships in particular (in Norwegian).

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Reunions and anniversaries

Are you organizing a reunion or anniversary? NTNU Alumni can contribute to sending out invitations to former fellow students who are members of NTNU Alumni. Contact:

NTNU Alumni Linkedin