Alumni Spain

Sevilla, Spain. Photo: Colourbox

NTNU Alumni Spain

NTNU Alumni Spain

A network for all our former students living in Spain.

It is a social and academic meeting place – a shared arena where you can become involved as an NTNU person.

The ambition is to have a large and active network where a strong NTNU identity means that members are good ambassadors and partners for their alma mater. Members should be a resource for NTNU and for each other. The network aims to link NTNU with business and society in Spain to enhance cooperation and contribute to developing more knowledge for a better world.

NTNU Alumni Spain organizes a variety of social and professional activities. It is an outstanding arena for keeping in touch with NTNU. You will get many opportunities for updates in your field as well as networking and teamwork.

Sign up and get involved together with your NTNU Alumni fellows!

My best interview - Cécile Barrère

My best interview - Cécile Barrère

Portrait of Dr. Cécile Barrère
Photo: Dr. Cécile Barrère

Dr. Cécile Barrère holds a Ph.D. in petroleum engineering and applied geophysics from NTNU. She works as an EU project manager and business developer at R2M Solution. Her work at R2M Solution is divided between research and industry, which she got tested during the doctoral period at NTNU and it's a role she enjoys.

Cécile's position at R2M is about supporting the innovation work of scientific societies to help society to move forward in the energy transition.


Read the interview with Cécile here.

My best interview - José Ramón Sierra Blasco

My best interview - José Ramón Sierra Blasco

Jose Ramon Sierra Blasco
Photo: José Ramón Sierra Blasco

José Ramón Sierra Blasco is Director of Innovation at Automotive Cluster of Aragon (CAAR). He provides very interesting information about the role of a cluster and how his company supports the car's ecosystem. He then talks about the various ongoing transformations that affect the electromobility sector. Finally, you can read about his experiences at NTNU and some advice for today's students.

Read the interview with José Ramón here

My best interview - Rosa Puentes

My best interview - Rosa Puentes

Rosa Puentes. Photo
Photo: Rosa Puentes

Rosa Puentes has a brilliant academic background including one year at NTNU’s Department of Energy and Process Engineering through the Erasmus + exchange program. She is starting strong her career with impacting positions that support keys players in the development of low carbon gas solutions in Europe.

Read the interview with Rosa here

Recent activities

Recent activities

Innovations for a Sustainable Development.

In november 2019, NTNU and NTNU Alumni Spain organized a seminar on “Innovations for a Sustainable Development”. The aim of the event was to strengthen collaborations between NTNU and Spain and to develop NTNU’s Alumni network in Spain.

See the programme here

Kick-off event NTNU Alumni Spain, 15 Februar 2019

Kick-off event NTNU Alumni Spain

Dinner Hispano-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, 5 April 2019

Kick-off event NTNU Alumni Spain, photo

Chapter Board

Chapter Board

Board 1

Cécile Barrere, photo

Chair: Cécile Barrere  

Geoscientist and Business Analyst, CEPSA
MSc in Applied Geophysics, 2004
PhD Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics, 2009

Eduardo Fernández Castro, photo

Vice Chair: Eduardo Fernández Castro

Graduate Engineer – Refining Management, Repsol S.A.
MSc Natural Gas Technology, 2016

Virginia Rebaque Valdés, photo

Member: Virginia Rebaque Valdés

Engineer – Petroleum Petrochemistry, Repsol S.A.
MSc Petroleum Engineering (Erasmus), 2017

Board 2

Alberto Brunete, photo

Member: Alberto Brunete  

PhD and Associate Professor
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Erasmus, Cybernetics 2000

Coat of arms of Norway. Photo

Honorary Member: 

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Madrid

Innovation Norway in Madrid

The Board’s priority tasks

The Board’s priority tasks

  • Build a strong and beneficial network for NTNUs alumni in Spain
  • Arrange scientific, professional and social events
  • Assist students on exchange schemes between NTNU and Spain
  • Provide access to international internships for NTNU students
  • Advise on trends and developments so that NTNU’s core activities are relevant to society
  • Be proactive in identifying or scouting potential partner and project opportunities for NTNU in Spain
  • Promoting NTNU's International Master's Programmes
  • Strengthen the university’s international visibility and reputation



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