One step further for campus

News April 30th 2019

One step further for campus

The City Council has decided on the planning programme for campus and university purposes. The co-location of NTNU’s campus can now be further detailed through regulatory planning work (zoning plans), no earlier than 2020.

Illustration from the feasibility studies around Gløshaugen. Eggen Arkitekter

On April 25th, the City Council of Trondheim municipality decided on the planning programme for campus and university purposes. The planning program has been prepared according to the submitted proposal, impact assessments and feasibility studies from NTNU.

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For NTNU, this means that we now have a basis for developing campus as an integrated part of our academic and organizational goals.

– Trondheim’s politicians have now provided a framework for the physical opportunities we have when it comes to co-locating NTNU’s campus. This allows us to take important steps further. We look forward to working on what this means for our campus development, says Rector at NTNU, Gunnar Bovim.

The decision on the planning programme allows for starting up with zoning plans for the various areas within the project of co-locating campus. In the zoning plans, more detailed information about buildings, sizes, location, design and more is investigated, before the plans will be submitted to new treatment by the municipality politicians.

Statsbygg responsible for building

Statsbygg is the state’s builder’s organization and thereby responsible for project development, regulation and implementation of the construction project.

In 2019, Statsbygg will work with NTNU to further develop the construction project. At the same time, an external quality assurance of the report for Project start-up (Oppstart forprosjekt), which is basis for the government’s decision is made. The government will then decide on how the project is to be continued for NTNU’s unified campus.

For Statsbygg’s part, the planning programme ensures framework and predictability for the NTNU co-location of campus project.

– NTNU has done a solid job of preparing the planning programme. The City Council’s decision is an important step towards a co-located campus. We are looking forward to leading this construction project, and helping to facilitate a living city campus, says CEO Harald Vaagaasar Nikolaisen in Statsbygg.

Work towards the national budget for 2020

The next goal is to achieve funding on the autumn’s national budget for co-locating campus. If this is granted, work on zoning plans can start early in 2020.