Final treatment of the planning program

Final treatment of the planning program

January 25th, NTNU sent its planning program for the unified campus to the municipality of Trondheim for political treatment. By the end of April, the City Council will decide on which areas are to be further considered as sites for new buildings. 

The planning program provides the basis decision and recommends which building areas NTNU wishes to prioritise for the unifying of campus in Trondheim.

The development and unifying of campus within the next decade, facilitating for Sit´s student welfare, and the opportunity for integrating collaborative partners from public and private business has led to the priority of the following site clusters:

  • Fengselstomta and Grensen
  • Gløshaugplatået
  • Hesthagen and Vestskråningen
  • The southern area between Realfagbygget and Strindveien

It is especially in the area from Studentersamfundet to the Main Building, and in the area from Handelshøyskolen (the Business School) to Gløshaugplatået, NTNU sees the physical possibilities of fulfilling common goals with the municipality to connect the university closer with the city.

However, current municipal plans are challenged in some areas, including cultural heritage sites and green areas.

As an attachment to the planning program, NTNU has prepared a plan of principles. It is NTNU´s guiding document for the physical development of the future campus. It shows overall measures to be done in the planning, if the campus is to reach the university goals.

With the planning program, there is created a digital 3D-model.

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Planning programme and attachments (in Norwegian)