The goal of a unified campus

The goal of a unified campus


As a university, NTNU has a responsibility to foster basic research with a long-term horizon and to educate outstanding students. We offer research-based education at all levels. We develop and disseminate knowledge and manage expertise about nature, people, society and technology. NTNU promotes and disseminates cultural values, and contributes to innovation in society, business and public administration.

One of the university’s responsibilities is to participate in a knowledge-based public debate. We use our knowledge to benefit society. We commit ourselves to solving global challenges. Our activities promote development, human rights and intercultural dialogue.

NTNU is a multi-disciplinary university with a strong profile in science and technology, and a focus on programmes of professional study.

We contribute to Norway’s development. We create value – economic, cultural and social – and have a national role in developing the technological foundation for the future society.

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The campus creates opportunities

Our environment influences us and encourages or inhibits the work that we do. Together with the organization of people and activities combined with technological tools, the physical design of the university is one of the resources available to us for fulfilling our social mission.

For this reason, campus development involves more than putting up buildings. It is all about developing the physical infrastructure in harmony with the development of the organization and technological solutions, so that the campus becomes a tool that enables us to achieve our mission more effectively.

The aim is to develop a campus that is unifying, urban, a network of hubs, efficient, sustainable, and a living laboratory.

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