Schedule and milestones

Schedule and milestones

19 January 2018: The Government decides on the concept for a unified campus in Trondheim.

22 February: NTNU’s planning programme is submitted to the municipality of Trondheim. 

6 March: Start of political consideration in the municipal building committee. 

Mar.-April: Consultation and public inspection of the planning programme. 

March 2018: Completion of processing of the pre-project for a new building complex for health and social disciplines and sports in Elgesetergate 10

June 2018: Recommendations on concepts for different categories of space are presented to NTNU’s management for decision

20 June 2018: The committee for location of academic functions submits sub-report 2: Prinsipper og premisser for planlegging (Principles and criteria for planning).

Autumn 2018: NTNU’s management decides on concepts for different categories of space to be developed at NTNU.

25 September 2018: The municipal building committee considered supplementary studies. They were distributed for comments with a deadline of 9 November.

December 2018: The report on start-up of the pre-project (OFP) is delivered. Prepared by Statsbygg in close cooperation with NTNU and the municipality of Trondheim.

15 December 2018: The committee for location of academic functions is to deliver sub-report 3, with specific alternatives for the location of academic activities and academic groups.

Spring 2019: External quality assurance of the OFP report. 

2019: Government decision on start-up of the pre-project. 

2019: Expected political finalization of the planning programme for NTNU’s campus before decision in the City Council. 

2020: Pre-project and start-up of zoning plans for new buildings in the unified campus in Trondheim.

2020: Earliest construction start for the unified campus in Trondheim, in areas that have already been zoned in Kalvskinnet and Øya. 

2022: Target date for completion of the new building for health and sports in Elgesetergate 10. 

2027: The goal is that most of the unified campus in Trondheim is complete.

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