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Project board

The project board (Norwegian page) is Rektors advisory council in campus development matters.

NTNU Campus project

Project group



Work group: Aim and Overall Location

The spring of 2016 a work group for aim and overall location functioned to participate in forming the strategic foundation for NTNUs campus development:

  1. Quality program for campus development (principles and success criteria)
  2. Report on overall campus location in Trondheim

The work group functioned until July 8th 2016 when the two documents were delivered.


  • Fredrik Shetelig, Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art (Leader)
  • Marit Reitan, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management
  • Geir Øien, Dean, Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering
  • Reidar Andersen, Director, NTNU University Museum 
  • Terje Meisler, Dean, Faculty of Technology
  • Kristian Steinnes, Union representative
  • Øystein Risa, Union representative
  • Kristian Sjøli, Student Parliament
  • Morten Djupdal, Student Parliament
  • Unni Steinsmo, SINTEF
  • Knut Solberg, SiT
  • Anne Reinton/Amund Aarvelta, Trondheim City
  • Espen Susegg, SIVA
  • Åge Lien, St. Olavs Hospital