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Preliminary program for The 9th seminar on Exercise in Medicine

Program Exercise in Medicine 2022

We have several exceptional external speakers joining us in Trondheim for the 9th seminar on Exercise in Medicine. Among them are Thijs Eijsvogels, Yannis Pitsiladis, Geir Selbæk, Torbjørn Omland, and Geir Christensen. Some remain TBA and will be updated as soon as possible. Please be aware that several titles are tentative.

As mentioned, this year’s seminar is a tribute to our dear colleague and friend Øyvind Ellingsen, who is retiring after a long and remarkable career. Upon his request there will be an update on ongoing research at our department. Here you can expect interesting talks given by Trine Moholdt, Morten Høydal, Dorthe Stensvold, Anja Bye, and Ulrik Wisløff among others.

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Keywords: Dementia prevention; cardiac remodeling; biomarkers of cardiovascular health; sports cardiology; the biology and genetics of exercise as medicine.



Alexander Robert Gran Svenningsen
PhD Candidate