Biomass to Aviation

Catalysis (KinCat)

Biomass to Aviation

– A catalysis PhD initiative with industry partners

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B2A aims to produce bio-jet fuel at a price of <0.78 €/l compared to 1.04 €/l for state-of-art. It is, therefore, answering the main objectives of the call with regard to the sustainable development of energy systems that contribute to the realization of a zero-emission society. It also answers to all of the sub-objectives of EnergiX that are a) reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, achieved by replacing fossil-based jet fuel by bio-jet fuel, b) improving innovation of the industry, the industry consortium supporting the proposal are facing numerous challenges that will be addressed in this project and c) contributing to the R&D in Norway, which will be achieved by two PhD, two post-doc and eight master students that will be involved in solving exciting- and challenging tasks and knowledge building for the R&D and industry partners. For bioenergy, the call refers to three important subject that needs to be addressed, sustainability, conversion efficiency and profitability.

Our main reseach can be divided in two areas, Process design and optimization, and fundamental catalyst research and development.