Welcome to the Catalysis Group News

Welcome to the Catalysis Group News

iCSI PhD seminar 2020 - Challenges in Catalysis

Professor free zone, Haldor Topsøe, Denmark, Feb 26-27


The seminar venue was at Haldor Topsøe’s   site at Lyngby outside Copenhagen

Welcome to Monica Pazos Urrea, PhD candidate since January 14, 2020

Monica is going to work on "Kinetic Studies of aqueous phase reforming" under the Supervision of Prof. Magnus Rønning. 

The project is part of the BIKE EU-project. BIKE - Bimetallic Catalysts knowledge-based development for energy applications - is a MSCA-ITA project involving 17 European partners. The main objective is to train young scientists to master and combine various state-of-the-art methodologies for rational development of bimetallic catalysts to improve the current processes of renewable raw materials conversion to Hydrogen and to implement them in an industrial context. Aqueous phase reforming (APR) is an alternative to the traditional steam reforming since it can be used to convert streams of low-value mixed to H2/CO2

Congratulations to Prof. De Chen for being the Innovator of Year 2019! 

The 2019 innovation award goes to professor De Chen at the Department of Chemical Engineering. Together with his research group, De Chen has achieved important research results in energy efficient methods for CO2 capture.  They have managed to develop small pellets of natural Norwegian dolomite. These can be reused several thousand times without breaking down or losing the ability to absorb CO2. This field of research is important for its contributions to decrease climate change - one of our major societal challenges. Through close cooperation with external partners, he has contributed to research impact through innovations. 

The project have resulted in 7 patent applications during the last two years, as well as interesting spinoff opportunities. De Chen is active in submitting ideas to the Technology Transfer Office, and connects with those who can commercialize the ideas from the research. Furthermore, he cooperates closely with industry and is active in centers and projects such as SFI, FME and IPN.

Congratulations to Prof. De Chen and Dr. Kumar R. Rout! 

for the grant from the Research Council of Norway in Knowledge Building Project, a collaboration with Quantafuel, Avinor  and St1 - all Nordic companies.

The grant will be for 4 yrs with a budget of 25 MNOK. A PhD candidate will be affiliated to the project. 

Congratulations Ata ul Rauf Salman! PhD Defence on Friday, December 6

Ata ul Rauf Salman has submitted the following academic thesis as part of the doctoral work at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU):

Catalytic oxidation of NO to NO2 for nitric acid production


Prescribed subject: Nitrogen fixation beyond Haber-Bosch – recent developments in heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis

iCSI Extended Leader Seminar, November 25-26, 2019 - Farris Bad, Larvik

In total 20 persons including IIA leaders, iCSI Board members, Senior Researchers and industrial Partners from Yara, Haldor Topsøe, Dynea, K.A. Rasmussen and INOVYN, UiO and NTNU will participate to the iCSI extended Leader Seminar organized by prof. Hilde Venvik, director of iCSI and Anne Hoff, iCSI coordinator.

Group Meeting KinCat, Friday November 25, 2019 - 14:15-15:15

Gang Wang, Surface tailoring of bifunctional Au-Ti catalyst for propylene epoxidation with H2 and O2.

Welcome to Philip Putze, Exchange Bachelor student from Germany since October 1 2019

Philip is going to study carbon formation from Direct Process of dimethyldichlorosilane production (MCS) together with Mehdi Mahmoodinia, Researcher, and Prof. Hilde J. Venvik and in collaboration with Elkem.



Welcome to Yueqiang Cao, Researcher since September 25 2019

Yueqiang is going to work on Autoclave reactor for selective hydrogenation, together with Prof. De Chen. 



 Welcome to Navaneethan Muthuswamy, Researcher since September 16  2019

Navaneethan is going to work on Synthesis, Activation and Functionalization of carbon materials together with Prof. De Chen. 


Welcome to Gang Wang, Wenzhao Fu and Hao Zhang, since September 15 2019


Exchange PhD students from ECUST, Shanghai, China. They will stay one year with us under the supervision of De Chen. Their projects are:

Gang Wang: Oxidation of Propene to Propene oxide over gold catalysts

Wenzhao Fu: Redox catalytic cycle of VOC oxidation and ethylene epoxidation 

Hao Zhang: Study of Nanoclusters in electrochemical reaction (ORR)

Welcome to Junbo Yu, PhD candidate since September 12, 2019

Junbo is going to study Hydrogen membrane technology together with Hilde J. Venvik.




Welcome to Dumitrita Spinu, PhD candidate since August 26, 2019

Dumitrita is going to study how to make fuel from biomass over Fischer-Tropsch catalysts.

She will work together with De Chen and Kumar Ranjan Rout.



Congratulations to Hongfei Ma, PhD student at KinCat/iCSI group


HONGFEI received the best poster award together with 9 others. The 10 winners were selected by more than 500 participants who submitted their votes.  

The reward was the opportunity to give a lecture on Friday.



KinCat was well represented at EuropaCat 2019! 

PhD candidates, researchers and one professor were active with presentations, posters and as chair of session. 





Welcome to Ask Lysne, PhD candidate since August 12, 2019

Ask is going to study how to make fuel from biomass over Fischer-Tropsch catalysts.

He will work together with Edd Blekkan and  Ljubisa Gavrilovic

KinCat Group Meetings 2020

Friday, April 17 at 14:00

WEBINAR Low Carbon Transportation Fuels, Kjell Moljord, Equinor and Adjunct Professor Chemical Engineering Department, KinCat group

Friday, February 28 at 14:00

One-Pot Synthesis of Highly Dispersed Mesoporous Fe and Cu Catalysts for NH3-SCR, Ole Håvik Bjørkedal, PhD student at KinCat group

Friday, January 31 at 14:00

Investigations of the surface dynamics of Pd-alloy sufraces under oxidation reactions, Marie Døvre Strømsheim, Postdoc at KinCat group

Friday, January 10 at 14:00

Plasma Catalysis, Guest presentation, Martin Østberg, R&D Senior Manager, Syngas Generation at Haldor Topsoe A/S