About the Department of Chemical Engineering


Diego Pinto, Juliana Moreno, Arlinda Fejzo Ciftja og professor Hallvard Svendsen

The Department of Chemical Engineering is located at the Gløshaugen campus of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

At the Department of Chemical Engineering (IKP), we take chemistry from the laboratory scale to industrial production. This requires a broad range of knowledge, from molecular processes and nanotechnology, to construction and operation of large processing plants. The department has the capacity to train as many as 70 engineers (MSc) every year.

The Department offers a 5 year program leading to the degree of civil engineer (MSc) in chemical engineering. Most of the students start at NTNU in their first year, but about 20% enter in the fourth year based on a 3-year engineering college degree. On top of this we offer a 3 year doctoral program leading to the dr.ing. (PhD) in chemical engineering.

The Department is a results of a recent merger of the previous Departments of Pulp and paper (established 1946), Industrial chemistry (1950) and Chemical engineering (1949).


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The Department is located in Kjemiblokk V (the building in the middle in this picture)

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