What is Chemical Engineering?

What is Chemical Engineering?


Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design, construction, and operation of machines and plants that perform chemical reactions on an industrial scale. Examples of processes are: oil production and refining and production of inorganic fertilizer, plastics, fine chemicals, metals, paper, synthetic fiber, new materials and food. Despite many different products and productions methods, there are from a chemical engineer's viewpoint many similarities between the different processes.  Especially the idea that one can assemble any process from a certain number of building blocks (unit operations) is important.

The process industry is Norway's most important industrial branch and the Department of Chemical Engineering at NTNU trains the key personnel for the large majority of companies within this branch. NTNU is the only university in Norway with a MSc programme in Chemical Engineering.


Studies in Chemical Engineering at NTNU

The Department of Chemical Engineering at NTNU offers several study programmes within the field of chemical engineering:

International programme:

Joint Nordic Master's programme:

Norwegian programmes:

NTNU also offers a ph.d.-programme in Chemical Engineering:


Research Areas within Chemical Engineering at NTNU



What is chemical engineering?

Nina_Hammer in the catalysis lab.