Department of Design in Trondheim

Department of Design in Trondheim

The department teaching and research facilities can be found in the building apply named Produktdesign, east of (behind) the easily recognizable Main Building. The department's administrative offices are located on the 3rd floor (office 338). When you enter the Produktdesign building the stairs and elevators are immediately visible.

Telephone: (+47) 73 59 21 85


Postal address: NTNU, Department of Design, Kolbjørn Hejes vei 2b, 7491 Trondheim, Norway

Visitor address: Kolbjørn Hejes vei 2b, 7491 Trondheim, Norway 

Map of the building: Produktdesign

Campus: NTNU Gløshaugen

Parking: There are a few short-term parking spaces on Alfred Getz' vei. Note: A parking fee applies on weekdays between 8 am–4 pm. More information about rules on parking at NTNU

Public transport: See the city portal of Trondheim for information about transportation options. 

Department of Design in Gjøvik

Department of Design in Gjøvik

When you visit the Department for Design på Gjøvik, you can go to Terje Stafseng (rom A214) in Building A. 

Telephone: (+47) 61 13 54 00

Postal address: NTNU, Department of Design, 191, 2802 Gjøvik  

Visitor address: Teknologiveien 22, 2815 Gjøvik, Norway

Map of the building: Building A

Campus: NTNU Gjøvik 

Parking: It is recommended to walk, sycle or use public transport to come the to campus in Gjøvik. Some parking space are available at Teknologivegen, where parking is free. About guest parking (in Norwegian).

You can follow this route when you walk from Gjøvik skyss-stasjon

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Department of Design

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