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European and regional events by eCHOing partners May-June 2024


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"Capacity Building through Erasmus+ Partnerships for Innovation"


Monday, 17th June 2024 – 11.30-14.00

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eCHOing has been organizing several events this past month as part of its dissemination strategy. The project has always had focus on how to collaborate for innovation through a transformative working approach to academia-society partnerships for more inclusive societies.

All the events organised and more to come in June (stay tuned) focus on university-driven Open Innovation (OI), which is about bringing inspired people together to co-create. We have been lucky to have had an amazing group of staff, NGO volunteers and students working with us for two years already. The perfect combination of professionals and good hearted people is always a fruitful way! I am so thankful to all of you that joined us at Pisa and especially the OSYGY partners from the women association of the Cyclades that have really worked hard together with Anna Mavroudi and presented their projects in two events this month. A big thank you to all colleagues from the Santa Anna team that have led PR4 and organised the final conference in Pisa: Gaia Sasso, Chiara Evangelista, Giovanni Giuliodori Eleonora Lanfranco, Silvia Villafranca and Marcello Carrozzino and always wonderful to meet Massimo Bergamasco.

Next year Santa Anna and NTNU UB-Gunnerus special collections have a 20 year jubilee to celebrate with amazing projects and a long way to actually establish knowledge about how to work together coming from different fields!

Thanks Also to OSYGY for organising the regional event on eCHOing projects. All that could never have happened without thanks to Stein Ole Johansen who has supported all our endeavors and ideas as the former Section leader and Sigurd Eriksson that is now our Library director that supported eCHOing all the way and to Marit Brodshaug for the web-support! And least but not last my inspiring colleague and mentor Massimo Busuoli. Thank you all!

Stay tuned as more will come this coming month!


From: Alexandra Angeletaki, Senior Research Librarian

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