Partners presented

Partners presented


Alexandra Angeletaki

Picture of Alexandra Angeletaki

Senior Research Librarian at NTNU. A Classical Archaeologist by training working with cultural heritage, digital collections management and Digital Heritage. Teaches information literacy for archaeology and Museum and Archive studies students and postgraduate researchers at NTNU as well as the subject “Experts in team” an obligatory subject for master students. Her research focuses on collaborative learning through game technologies and the integration of digital technologies in archive and museum’s dissemination strategies. Through interdisciplinary collaborations and the exploitation of VR and AR tools, led several DH projects as e-readers, Mubil, ARK4 and I manus for the NTNU University library. She is a member of EAA and DARIAH EU and a member of the EUROPEANA member board(ENA).

NTNU Employee profile.

Paula Rice

Photo of Paula Rice

Associate professor at the Department for International Business at NTNU Ålesund. She is responsible for Business English and Understanding Culture on the bachelor program and Qualitative Research Methods at master’s level. She also teaches on Experts in Teamwork across NTNU campuses. Her research interests are within Intercultural communication, identity and language learning, and higher education and critical pedagogies. She has an MA in applied linguistics, a postgraduate diploma in teaching creative disciplines in higher education, and a doctorate in education.

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Inga Buset Langfeldt

Picture of Inga Buset Langfeldt

Head Librarian at NTNU University library in Ålesund. Inga works primarily with teaching information literacy to students and employees, and supporting NTNU researchers with their administrative needs. She works with Open Science. She has a degree in library and information science from Oslo Metropolitan university.

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Athina Kourbetli

Picture of Athina

Advisor at the NTNU Library Section of Culture and Science. She holds BA degrees in History and Archaeology and French Language and Literature,  an MA  in Pedagogy and New Technologies, and she’s currently enrolled in a Master’s program on Digital Marketing and e-Business. She has work experience in education and university administration.

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Stig Martin Tobiassen

M.A student in History at NTNU, B.A in Humanities. Working as a teacher in History and English. His research interests are connected to the use of historical games and is working on a master thesis with focus on game literacy as a digital skill in history. Interviews and qualitative data coded with different softwares as main research method.

NTNU Employee profile.

Chiara Evangelista

Picture of Chiara Evangelista

Chiara Evangelista’s activities deal with several aspects of Computer Graphics, 3D Modelling, tutoring and didactics for children by the means of new Virtual Environments technologies. Chiara currently works in the Art and Cultural Heritage Group Institute of Mechanical Intelligence (IIM), Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, where her research interests deal with the design and implementation of applications for fruition, communication and preservation of cultural heritage.

Sant’Anna of Pisa Employee profile.

Marcello Carrozzino

Picture of Marcello CarrozzinoAssistant Professor of Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality. His activities deal with the integration of Virtual Reality systems and Cultural Heritage applications. Since 2005 he has been teaching the course of Virtual Environments held at the Computer Science department of the University of Pisa. From 2006 to 2009 he was Assistant Professor at IMT Lucca in the area of Technology and Management of Cultural Heritage. Since 2000 he has been collaborating with Scuola, where he is currently heading the Art, Cultural and Education Group of Institute of Mechanical Intelligence (IIM) – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa)

Sant’Anna of Pisa Employee profile

Massimo Bergamasco

Picture of Massimo BergamascoMassimo is Full Professor of Theory of Mechanisms and Machines at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy. He is acting as the Director of the Institute of Mechanical Intelligence of the Scuola. In 1991 he founded the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory. His research activity deals with the study and development of haptic interfaces and wearable robots for the control of the interaction between humans and Virtual Environments. His present research is focused on general aspects of perception and cognitive processes in the field of embodiment and social perception and on the development of intelligent virtual humans in Virtual Environments.

Sant’Anna of Pisa Employee profile

Giovanni Giuliodori

Picture of Giovanni GiulodoriGiovanni is a university researcher at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa; specialized in 3d modeling and animation for integration in real-time virtual environments. Graduated in digital humanities at the University of Pisa with a thesis concerning the development of a VR application about the Divine Comedy for Oculus Quest 2 in Unreal Engine 4.

Sant’Anna of Pisa Employee profile

Katerina Zourou

Picture of Katerina Zourou

Katerina Zourou, PhD, is a scholar in language education from an open perspective (open educational resources and practices) and from a networking and collaboration perspective (collective learning, social networked learning). She is also head of Web2Learn in Greece. She acts as project leader or partner in transnational projects funded by the Council of Europe, the European Commission, and national funds.

Web2Learn employee profile

Stefania Oikonomou

A young white woman with curly brown hair and a striped shirt

Stefania Oikonomou (B.A. in Political Science, MA in Political History, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) works as a researcher at Web2Learn specialising in digital learning, social participation and inclusion with focus on citizens’ engagement in culture and institutional support in times of crises.

Web2Learn employee profile.

MariaGratsia Oikonomou

Picture of MariaGratsia Oikonomou

MariaGratsia Oikonomou (MA in Economic science and Supply Chain Management, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), is knowledgeable on cultural heritage from the perspective of innovation and finance. She is a culture enthusiast, active blogger and cultural heritage volunteer.



Mariana Ziku

Picture of Mariana Ziku 

Mariana Ziku (MA, MSc, PhD cand. University of the Aegean) is a research associate at Web2Learn specialising in digital cultural heritage with focus on crowdsourcing, participatory and open data methodologies. She is also co-founder of the Biennale of Western Balkans working on the promotion of intangible cultural heritage and cross-border cooperation in the Balkan and Mediterranean region.

Web2Learn employee profile.

Sofia university

Milena Dobreva

Milena Dobreva

Associate professor Milena Dobreva is working in the domains of digital transformation, user experiences and innovation in big digital cultural collections. After 13 years of academic experience in Scotland, Malta and Qatar she is now reintegrating in her native Bulgaria with a research grant which explores disruptive technologies in innovation labs in GLAM institutions. In 2019 professor Dobreva was instrumental in hosting the book sprint which delivered the first book exploring the innovation labs in the cultural and scientific heritage sectors, ‘Open a GLAM Lab’ and I also was honoured to receive the Europeana Unsung Hero award. A member of the ENA Management Board.

Sofia university employee profile.

Katina Pancheva

Katina Pancheva

Katina Pancheva is MA in Public Policy and a Project Manager at Centre of Information Society Technologies at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University. She has a strong experience in publicly funded projects, currently in the field of digital skills, learning metrics and smart grids.

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Mathilde Frances Lind

Picture of Mathilde Lind

Mathilde Frances Lind, MA, is a PhD candidate in the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University Bloomington and a guest PhD and writing instructor at the University of Tartu. She has lived in Estonia for three years while conducting ethnographic and practice-led research on heritage crafts and wool production.

Tartu University Employee page

Ave Matsin

Ave Matsin

Lecturer in Estonian Native Textile, Director of Native Crafts Curriculum. Ave Matsin is the director of the native crafts program at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, Estonia. She received her MA degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts in the field of textile art and design. Her main areas of research are archeological textiles, ancient techniques and tools, and topics related to the copying and reconstruction of historical items, including methodology, technology, and their historical context. In recent years, she has been more involved in researching and valuing local wool. Her academic interest lies in practice-based research methods.

Tartu University employee page

Anna Mavroudi

Picture of Anna MavroudiVice President in the Federation of Women’s Associations in Cyclades, responsible for projects and public relations. She holds a degree in English Literature & Philosophy and a M.A. in Cultural Studies. She has also studied Critical Theory and Cinema. With a broad experience in European projects (National Coordinator in INTERREG, project developer in ERASMUS+ K3, K2), Anna has had a permanent position in the Greek Ministry of Education since 2002 and currently works in public education as a high school principal. Her professional expertise includes lifelong learning, quality assurance and compensatory education. She has been involved in several projects focused on local development (gender mainstreaming, cultural heritage promotion, environmental volunteering, sports etc.)

Christina Kanellou

Picture of Christina Kanellou

Communicator Officer of OSYGY (Women’s Associations in Cyclades, Greece). Born and raised in Mykonos, Greece, Christina studied in the United States for 5 years as a full time student-athlete, before getting her AA degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences at Sierra College in California, and her BA degree in Communication at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Throughout her time abroad, she was awarded for her academic and athletic excellence with multiple scholarships, and both athletic and academic recognitions.

Eleftheria Sarri

Picture of Eleftheria SarriAdministrative support of OSYGY  (Women’s Associations in Cyclades, Greece) and Project Management assistance at Erasmus+ projects (EAS SEGAS Cyclades union). Based in Athens, Eleftheria is a Communication Specialist, holding a Communication and Media Studies degree at UoA. She has worked as a public relations coordinator and a customer service representative at GEA – Grammo, Erato, Apollon, a non profit music licensing organization. Her professional experience includes working as a promoter in SPC (Sales Promotion Center) and in retail, as well. She is also fluent in English and is an amateur musician with knowledge in DAW programs.


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