Project Result 1

Project Result 1

Open-access publication showcasing HE engagement practices in the revival of European cultural organisations through open innovation

PR1 is the production of an open-access publication showcasing practices of HE engagement in the revival of CHOs by means of open innovation on regional, national and European level. It (a) identifies ways cultural heritage can benefit from knowledge production and circulation in HEIs to boost CHOs and overcome the post-pandemic crisis; (b) analyzes the role HEIs may play in their revival; and (c) presents a collection of practices where HEIs act as catalysts of CHO revival through open innovation.”


This document is a synthesis of the publication showcasing HE engagement practices in the revival of European cultural organisations through open innovation. Its aim is to present in a short yet inclusive way the process and the final outcome of project result 1 of the eCHOing project.

This document is the final outcome of project result 1 of the eCHOing project. Through desktop research, survey delivery and analysis, 10 European best practices in the revival of European cultural heritage organisations through university-driven open innovation have been identified. Opportunities and challenges for fruitful synergies between Higher Education Institutes and Cultural Heritage Organisations are also presented along with future considerations in the field.

Project Result 2

Project Result 2

An Open-access Six Online Modules-course on higher education through open innovation for the benefit of cultural organizations

In PR2 the eCHOing consortium created an online course – series of 6 online modules of a total of 90 learning hours- for HE students and CHO staff that will be embedded in mainstream HE curricula of partner organizations. The modules  introduce innovative learning practices, boost active participation in learning and introduce co-creation skills for facing real life problems.


PR2A5: Delivery of 6 Modules of 15h each as Open Educational Resources (OER) and integration in mainstream HE partners curricula.

Link to the Online Module courses

Module 1: Open innovation in academia-society cooperation: examples of cultural heritage preservation in a crisis situation

Module 2: Datafication of Collections: Opportunities for Innovation in the novel European Data Space for Cultural Heritage

Module 3: Development of an Open Innovation approach through the co-creation of Immersive Virtual Heritage applications

Module 4: Craft as an empowering tool for community and cultural heritage

Module 5: Diversity, Inclusivity and the Gender Perspective: Women and Cultural Heritage, a how-to crash course

Module 6: Co-designing projects for the cultural sector. Discover the important processes, tools, and skills needed

Access the Online Modules

          Once you’ve completed a module(s), please leave feedback for us here.

Project Result 4

Project Result 4


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