A way of raising money to finance projects. It enables fundraisers to collect money from a large number of funders via online platforms.

Designing crowdfunding campaigns

Training opportunities on how to design a crowdfunding campaign are being offered by Web2Learn. The training series titled “Fundraising for cultural heritage: from donations to crowdfunding and the role of citizen engagement” started with 2 webinars, currently recorded:

  1. Introduction to crowdfunding for cultural heritage: possibilities, aims and examples.
  2. Crowdfunding in practice: insights from an Irish museum.

This series along with a Guide to running a successful crowdfunding campaign are essential parts of the overall process.

Crowdfunding and citizen engagement

Web2Learn’s contribution aims to train cultural heritage professionals in understanding and using crowdfunding not as a separate and exclusively financial-oriented activity, but as an integral part of citizen engagement and community building actions organised by cultural heritage organisations.

Ιmplementation of a crowdfunding campaign for cultural heritage organisations in remote islands of the Aegean

In an inspiring attempt to expand Greek cultural associations’ understanding of crowdfunding, Web2Learn will provide hands-on and step-by-step support for the women’s association in the Cyclades (OSYGY, an eCHOIng partner) to set up their own crowdfunding campaign.

Team members

Ioanna Tsakarelou, Stefania Oikonomou, Katerina Zourou | Web2Learn


Should you wish to learn more about crowdfunding as open innovation in practice for cultural heritage organisations, email us at

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