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Background and activities

Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

On research leave ('sabbatical') in the academic year 2017-2018.

Research Area

Main research area is Artificial Intelligence, and in particular methods for data analysis and experience-based support of human problem solving and learning. In particular:

  • Methods for experience capture and reuse of human experiences,
    and in particular Case-Based Reasoning
  • Machine learning and data analysis
  • Knowledge modelling and representation
  • Cognitive Science
  • Decision support systems

Application areas in focus include petroleum technology, fish farming, traffic and transport, and health. 

Research Group: Data and Artificial Intelligence

Additional informationwww.idi.ntnu.no/~agnar


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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  • Aamodt, Agnar; Skalle, Pål; Gundersen, Odd Erik; Sørmo, Frode; Solstad, Jørgen. (2009) A method and system for monitoring a drilling operation (Patent).