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Arild Holm Clausen was educated as MSc within at the civil engineering study programme in 1991. He received the degree of in 1999. Clausen has been employed as an associate professor at Department of Structural Engineering since 2003. He became professor in 2007.


Arild Holm Clausen is a member of the SIMLab group (Structural IMpact Laboratory) at Department of Structural Engineering at NTNU. SIMLab was appointed as a Centre of Research-based Innovation (CRI) by the Norwegian Research Council in 2006. (In Norwegian: Senter for forskningsdrevet innovasjon; SFI.) SIMLab is host for SFI CASA (Centre for Advanced Structural Analysis) in 2015-2023. The group works with dynamic loads on different types of structures made of metals (steel, aluminium) or polymers. Special attention is paid to experimental techniques at structural or material level as well as numerical predictions, where modelling of the response of structures, components or materials subjected to various types of loading is a key issue. Clausen's at SIMLab is constitutive modelling of polymers and high strain-rate testing.


Clausen has taught courses in statics, mechanics of materials at various levels, steel structures, materials science for civil engineers, and finite element methods.

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