Background and activities

Alex Booker is a professor and leader of the form research group at the department of architecture and technology


 Areas of special expertise

  • Form and form grammar
  • Gestalt principles of visual organization and composition
  • Visual communication
  • Colour and communication
  • Visual art
  • Art in public space and architecture.


Trained in the UK as a fine artist, Alex Booker has exhibited widely in Europe and Scandinavia as well as completing a number of major public commissions. From 1986 to 1992 he was associate professor in painting at Art Academy in Trondheim and from 1995 professor at the department for architectural design form and colour where he has responsibility for teaching two and three dimensional form grammar, colour and visual communication for both product design and architecture students. In addition to his artistic practice he has been director of and curator at Trondheim’s center for contemporary art and a member of the board of directors for Trondheim’s Art Museum.

Alex Booker is also a founding member of the Light and Colour research group at the faculty.


Current interests/focus

  • Modes of hybridism in photography
  • Theories of the Dérive, psychogeography and the sense of place and space
  • Colour and light in the urban environment
  • The nature of the relationship between the physical and contextual space of the museum and the artefact