Background and activities

Anneke Kneppers is a PhD candidate at the pedagogy section of the Department of Teacher Education. 

Anneke is a qualified primary school teacher with experience in teaching at multicultural schools in the Netherlands and Norway. In addition she has participated in multiple education projects in various informal school settings in Uganda and Namibia. She holds a master's degree in Childhood Studies from NTNU for which she carried out research in northern Ghana.

Her research interests lie in multicultural education, inequality issues, diversity and inclusion in school contexts.


MGLU2512 - Pedagogy and Pupil-related Skills 2 (5-10)

MGLU4515 - Pedagogy and Pupil-related Skills 4 (5-10)

PPU4602 - Teacher Education: Educational Theory

Other positions:

The department board - representative of the temporary scientific staff

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Kneppers, Anneke. (2015) Teenage girls' perspectives on the value of education and school dropout in Northern Ghana. 2015.