Background and activities

My scholarly background is a MA in Archaeology from the NTNU University Museum, where I worked with predictive modelling of iron age agricultural settlements in mid-Norway. I also hold an MSc in Archaeological Prospection from the University of Bradford in England. From November 2011 I was a PhD-candidate at the NTNU University museum, which led to the defence of my PhD-thesis in October 2016. This work was entitled " The Application of Geophysical Methods in Norwegian Archaeology. A study of the status, role and potential of geophysical Methods in Norwegian archaeological Research and Cultural Heritage management.

My scholarly interrests are: Geophysical prospection, method development, GIS and digital modelling, Iron Age agrarian settlements and landscape analyses. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Stamnes, Arne Anderson; Risbøl, Ole; Stenvik, Lars Fredrik; Overskaug, Kristian. (2019) Investigating early iron production by modern remote sensing technologies. 2019. ISBN 978-82-93175-54-4. Skrifter (2-2019).

Part of book/report

  • Stamnes, Arne Anderson. (2017) The Status, Role and Acceptance of Geophysical Methods in Norwegian Archaeology. 12th International Conference of Archaeological Prospection.
  • Stamnes, Arne Anderson; Bauer, Egil Lindhart. (2017) Geophysical Surveys. Avaldsnes - A Sea-Kings' Manor in First-Millennium Western Scandinavia.
  • Stamnes, Arne Anderson. (2016) Effect Of Temperature Change On Iron Age Cereal Production And Settlement Patterns In Mid-Norway. The Agrarian Life of the North 2000 BC - AD 1000. Studies in Rural Settlement and Farming in Norway..
  • Stamnes, Arne Anderson. (2015) Geophysical survey of the viking age burial mound of Herlaugshaugen in Norway. Sensing the Past - Contributions from the ArcLand Conference on Remote Sensing for Archaeology.
  • Stamnes, Arne Anderson; Gustavsen, Lars. (2014) Archaeological Use of Geophysical Methods in Norwegian Cultural Heritage Management – a Review. A Sense of the Past. Studies in current archaeological applications of remote sensing and non-invasive prospection methods.