Background and activities

Dynamic modeling and analysis of long span bridges subjected to wind loading: emphasis on wind tunnel measurements.

Due to the need of constructing longer crossing, flutter, buffeting response and vortex shedding become crucial factors when designing long-span bridges. An analysis of these phenomena requires experimental data, which can be provided by wind tunnel tests. In my PhD I am working on developing new experimental wind tunnel setup, able to fully examine sectional models and provide relaible data, necessary for analysing aerolastic phenomena. Moreover, it's new possibilites will help to reveal and understand better underlying mechanisms of wind effects on very long span floating, cable-stayed and supsension bridges. For those structures curently used assumption and simplification may lead to the seroius underestimation in prediction of bridge response, thus there is a need to evaluate their applicability.



This PhD project objectives include:

  • Better understanding of very long span bridge behavior, when subjected to the wind load.
  • Verification of currently used load models for aerodynamic forces.
  • Development of effective and reliable wind tunnel testing techniques.
  • Quantification of uncertainties involved in the wind tunnel measurements.

Research group

Structural Dynamics

Wind Tunnel Testing


Associate Professor Ole Øiseth

Professor Anders Rønnquist

Bjørn Isaksen