Background and activities

Current Research Project (December 2020-November 2023)

My research focuses on turn-taking in Norwegian Sign Language (NTS). The data for this study comes from the Norwegian Sign Language Corpus Project, which consists of naturalistic data of deaf signers from all over the country. This project will systematically explore how NTS signers manage their face-to-face interactions moment-by-moment, not only in dyadic, but also multiparty interactions. A conversation analysis framework will provide insight into the complex and specific ways semiotic resources are used by NTS signers to manage their interactions.

My supervisors are Lindsay N. Ferrara and Rein Ove Sikveland



I hold a BA in Speech-Language, & Hearing Sciences with a minor in Linguistics from San Diego State University. Additionally, I have worked professionally as an American Sign Language-English interpreter since 2016.  I received my MSc in 2019 from University College London (UCL) in Language Sciences with a specialization in Sign Language and Deaf Studies. My thesis focused on the discourse functions of the form palm-up in British Sign Language, using data from the BSL Corpus.


Research Interests

  • sign languages
  • interaction
  • multimodality/semiotic repertoires
  • corpora
  • gesture



  • English
  • American Sign Language
  • British Sign Language
  • Norwegian Sign Language (A2)