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  • Cuenca-Garcia, Carmen; Armstrong, Kayt; Sarris, Apostolos; De Smedt, Philippe; Wilson, Clare; Aidona, Elina; Martin, Roseveare; Roseveare, Anne; Schneidhofer, Petra; Fassbinder, Jorg; Moffat, Ian; Scheiblecker, Marion; Jrad, Abir; van Leusen, Martijn; Lowe, Kelsey. (2019) Introducing the ‘Soil science & Archaeo-Geophysics Alliance’ (SAGA): a new interdisciplinary network in archaeo-geophysics. New Global Perspectives on Archaeological Prospection.
  • Sarris, Apostolos; Kalayci, Tuna; Simon, François-Xavier; Donati, Jamieson C.; Cuenca-Garcia, Carmen; Manataki, Meropi; Cantoro, Gianluca; Moffat, Ian; Kalogiropoulou, Evita; Karampatsou, G; Armstrong, Kayt; Argyriou, Nasos; Dederix, S; Manzetti, Cristina; Nikas, Nikos; Vouzaxakis, Kostas; Rondiri, Vasiliki; Arachoviti, P; Almatzi, K; Efstathiou, D; Stamelou, E. (2017) Opening a New Frontier in the Study of Neolithic Settlement Patterns of Eastern Thessaly, Greece. Communities, Landscapes and Interaction in Neolithic Greece. Proceedings of International Conference, Rethymno 29-30 May 2015.
  • Cuenca-Garcia, Carmen. (2015) Inorganic Geochemical Methods in Archaeological Prospection. Best Practices of GeoInformatic Technologies for the Mapping of Archaeolandscapes.
  • Manataki, Meropi; Sarris, Apostolos; Donati, Jamieson C.; Cuenca-Garcia, Carmen; Kalayci, Tuna. (2015) GPR: Theory and Practice in Archaeological Prospection. Best Practices of GeoInformatic Technologies for the Mapping of Archaeolandscapes.
  • Sarris, Apostolos; Manataki, Meropi; Cuenca-Garcia, Carmen; Donati, Jamieson C.; Kalayci, Tuna; Papadopoulos, Nikos. (2015) Revealing the urban features of the ancient Greek city of Mantineia through the employment of ground penetrating radar. 2015 8th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (IWAGPR).
  • Cuenca-Garcia, Carmen; Jones, Richard; Hall, Allan; Poller, Tessa. (2013) From the air to the atomic level of a ditch: integrating geophysical and geochemical survey methods at the prehistoric cropmark complex of Forteviot (Perthshire, Scotland). Archaeological Prospection. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference - Vienna.