Background and activities

Nonlinear partial differential equations

Elliptic equations; primarily stationary free-boundary flows. I have also done some work on ordinary differential, integro-differential and difference equations.

Fluid mechanics

Of particular interest are travelling water waves, free-surface flows and rotational currents. Current foci are waves with critical layers, multimodal waves and Whitham-like equations.

Current research group

Current projects and programmes

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  • M. Ehrnström and M.D. Groves. Small-amplitude fully localised solitary waves for the full-dispersion Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation. arxiv:1802.04823
  • M. Ehrnström and L. Pei. Classical well-posedness in dispersive equations with nonlinearities of mild regularity, and a composition theorem in Besov spaces. arXiv:1709.04713
  • M. Ehrnström, L. Pei and Y. Wang. A conditional well-posedness result for the bidirectional Whitham equation.  arXiv:1708.04551
  • M. Ehrnström, M. A. Johnson and K. M. Claassen. Existence of a highest wave in a fully dispersive two-way shallow water model.  arXiv:1610.02603
  • M. Ehrnström and E. Wahlén. On Whitham's conjecture of a highest cusped wave for a nonlocal shallow water wave equation. arXiv:1602.05384


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