Background and activities

Gunn-Berit Neergård is educated as a nurse, and have a master's degree from the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. In her PhD, she explores entrepreneurship education for nursing students. Neergård is often seen on stage, holding an inspirational talk or research presentation about entrepreneurship and the need for innovation in healthcare. She is also interested in the health of entrepreneurs.

For more information regarding the career and scholarly background of Neergård, have a look at her LinkedIn-profile.

Gunn-Berit Neergård blogs about entrepreneurial nursing on Instagram: @nurse_gunn-berit

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Sæter, Gunn-Berit; Aaboen, Lise; Politis, Diamanto. (2019) Nursing students recognising entrepreneurial opportunities through a three-day entrepreneurship camp. 3E ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference ; Göteborg. 2019-05-08 - 2019-05-10.
  • Sæter, Gunn-Berit; Aaboen, Lise; Konstad, Marte; Widding, Lars Øystein. (2018) Students Becoming Entrepreneurs for Life: Managing Entrepreneurial Passion and Resilience. 3E Conference (ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference) . 3E Conference (ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference); Enschede. 2018-05-16 - 2018-05-18.