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Background and activities

My main interest in conservation biology and plant ecology 
has been how anthropogenic processes affect biodiversity, 
ecosystem functions and services at different spatio-temporal 
My expertise is primarily within alpine, semi-natural and boreal
(coniferous and deciduous forest) ecosystems focusing on how 
land use processes in interaction with climate affects 
biodiversity components as well as supporting, regulating and 
provisioning services. Experiences from interdisciplinary 
projects have provided insight in the science-policy interface 
and how e.g. socio-economic drivers indirectly affect 
biodiversity and ES and how people perceive and respond to 
these changes. Much of this interdisciplinary work has focused 
on the ecosystem impact of domestic livestock and wild ungulates
but also how the management of large herbivore ecosystem 
engineers interacts with societal processes.

Gunnar Austrheim Current projects

MANaging ECOsystem services in low alpine cultural landscapes through livestock grazing (MANECO) http://www.ntnu.no/web/vitenskapsmuseet/maneco

How to manage dynamic landscapes? (DYLAN). Towards a new framework for the management of cultural and natural heritage in upland Landscape Conservation Areas (LCA) in Norway. Norwegian Research Council, program ”Environment2015”. (leader Gunnar Austrheim).


Towards sustainable management of moose, red deer and their food resources. Norwegian Research Council, program “Environment2015”. NFR: Miljø2015. (leader Erling J. Solberg NINA) www.NINA.no\hjortevilt.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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  • Austrheim, Gunnar; Endresen, Dag Terje Filip; Finstad, Anders Gravbrøt; Grytnes, John-Arvid; Koch, Wouter; Lindgaard, Arild; Mathisen, Ingrid Ertshus; Speed, James David Mervyn; Øien, Dag-Inge. (2015) Deling av vegetasjonsdata: Forslag til infrastruktur for å sikre faglige og tekniske standarder som kan lette datautveksling. 2015. ISBN 978-82-8322-044-5. NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet naturhistorisk rapport (4).
  • Fagerheim, William; Setten, Gunhild; Austrheim, Gunnar. (2014) Anbefalinger til ny forvaltningspraksis for sauebeite i fjellet. Sluttrapport fra en serie fokusgruppemøter 2012-2014. 2014. ISBN 978-82-7126-992-0. NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet naturhistorisk rapport (4).