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  • Stebergløkken, Heidrun Marie Voldheim; Berge, Ragnhild; Lindgaard, Eva; Stuedal, Helle Vangen. (2015) Ritual Landscapes and Borders within Rock Art Research - Papers in Honour of Professor Kalle Sognnes. Archaeopress. 2015. ISBN 9781784911584.

Part of book/report

  • Stebergløkken, Heidrun M.V.; Gjerde, Jan Magne. (2021) Rock art and landscape (session abstract). ROCK-ART, A HUMAN HERITAGE - Proceedings of the XXVIII Valcamonica Symposium, Capo di Ponte (Valcamonica), October 28 to 31, 2021 Atti del XXVI Valcamonica Symposium, Capo di Ponte (Valcamonica), 28 - 31 Ottobre 2021.
  • Stamnes, Arne Anderson; Stebergløkken, Heidrun M.V.. (2020) Patterns or Contrast? A GIS-Based Study of the Landscape Context and Localization of Southern Rock Art Tradition in Stjørdal, Mid-Norway. Contrasts of the Nordic Bronze Age : Essays in honour of Christopher Prescott.
  • Gjerde, Jan Magne; Stebergløkken, Heidrun M.V.. (2018) What we see is what we get - Seeing Sandhalsan with new "eyes". Giving the Past a Future - Essays in Archaeology and Rock Art Studies in Honour of Dr.Phil.h.c. Gerhard Milstreu.
  • Stebergløkken, Heidrun M.V.. (2018) Flyndrene i Kvennavika - er de et vitne om én hendelse?. Årbok for Mosvik 2018 32.årgang.
  • Stebergløkken, Heidrun M.V.. (2017) Where Styles Meet - What Does it Mean?. North Meets South - Theoretical aspects on the northern and southern rock art traditions in Scandinavia.
  • Berge, Ragnhild; Stebergløkken, Heidrun Marie Voldheim. (2015) Introduction. Ritual Landscapes and Borders within Rock Art Research - Papers in Honour of Professor Kalle Sognnes..
  • Stebergløkken, Heidrun M.V.. (2015) Style dating of rock art - an outdated method?. Proceedings XXVI Valcamonica Symposium 2015. Prospects for the Prehistoric Art Research, 50 years since founding of Centro Camuno..
  • Stebergløkken, Heidrun M.V.. (2010) Bergkunst i Trøndelag - et grenseområde. Nord-Trøndelag Historielag Årbok 2010.
  • Stebergløkken, Heidrun M.V.. (2009) Et møte mellom sjø og land - marin bergkunst i Stjørdal. Historielaga i Stjørdalsbygdene Årbok nr XIX.