Background and activities

Dr. James D. M. Speed

My research involves a range of taxa from vascular plants and bryophytes to invertebrates, birds and large mammalian herbivores. I work at a range of scales, from the individual to the ecosystem, with short-term experiments to palaeoecology, and from local scale patterns to regional scale processes. I have worked in environments from the high-arctic and temperate-alpine regions to boreal forests and African savannahs. A core interest is the impact of vertebrate herbivores and land-use on plant populations and communities. My work also focuses on the ability of herbivores to affect ecosystem and vegetation states and the how the impact of herbivory on ecosystems feeds back to herbivore populations.

I am a fellow on the NTNU Outstanding Academic Fellows programme and a holder of a Research Council of Norway Young Research Talents project.

I am a member of the editorial board for the journals Ecology and Ecological Monographs

Current Research

Disentangling the impacts of herbivory and climate on ecological dynamics: The DISENTAGLE project addresses how climate and herbivory together affect ecosystem processes across spatial scales. The project investigates interactions between herbivory and climate in northern ecosystems by examining (1) The growth of woody plants and community composition at the site scale. (2) The ability of herbivores to determine plant species distributions at a regional scale and (3) The functional and phylogenetic ecology of herbivores across the world's arctic and boreal ecosystems.

CHARTER: Drivers and feedbacks of changes in Arctic terrestrial biodiversity.

ForestPotential Changing Forest Area and Forest Productivity – Climatic and Human Causes, Effects, Monitoring Options, and Climate Mitigation Potential

SustHerb Project The SustHerb project is working towards sustainable management of moose, red deer and their food resources.  I am involved in analysing vegetation and tree response to browsing herbivores.

Previous projects

AfricanBioServices: Investigating how productivity, nutrient cycling and carbon storage vary with livestock and wild herbivore grazing along a climatic gradient in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem

MIRACLE project: Mires and climate: towards enhancing functional resilience of fen peatlands

Sheep Grazing Project Quantification of the impact of grazing on the distribution and growth of mountain birch above the forest line. 

Managing ecosystem services in low alpine cultural landscapes through livestock grazing Moving on from this project we  are investigating how sheep grazing impacts on alpine ecosystem services through impacts on the treeline.

Systematic review of impacts of reindeer grazing. I was part of a team carrying out a systematic review of the impacts of reindeer herbivory on mountain and arctic vegetation 

DYLAN Project Homepage I also worked within the DYLAN project where I am synthesising the impact of land use and natural drivers of landscape state across protected areas in Norway and the UK, with a long-term perspective. 

Former Postdocs and Researchers

Stefaniya Kamenova (Postdoc 2021- ) Metabarcoding of reindeer diet in relation to changes in Arctic terrestrial biodiversity

Tanja K. Petersen (Researcher 2021-2022) Alpine ecology, functional biogeography, natural history collections

Stuart W. Smith (Postdoc 2015-2019) Investigating how wildlife and livestock affect vegetation and ecosystem processes in the Serengeti-Mara region in Tanzania and Kenya

Kenny Helsen (Postdoc 2015-2017) Assessing the impact of invasive plant species on ecosystem services and associated ecosystem functions using a functional effect trait framework.

PhD Students

Mathilde Defourneaux (PhD student 2021.2024, Agricultural University of Iceland, main supervisor Isabel Barrio). Herbivores in the tundra: Linking diversity and function.

Ann Evankow (PhD student 2020-2023 University of Oslo) Integrative taxonomy and spatial phylogenetics of the Psoraceae

Katy Ivison (PhD student 2019-2022, Durham University, main supervisor is Wayne Dawson) Enemies of the invaders: How will natural enemies affect the risk of non-native plant invasions in a warmer Arctic?

Damaris M. Matten (PhD student 2019-2022). Ecology and phylogenetics

Marte Fandrem (PhD student 2018-2022) Peat mosses and ecosystem services

Former PhDs

Malene Ø. Nygård (PhD student 2017-2021, main supervisor is Mika Bendiksby) Plant conservation genomics

Katariina Vuorinen (PhD student 2017-2021) When do ungulates override the climate? Defining the interplay of two key drivers of northern vegetation dynamics.

Tanja K. Petersen (PhD student 2017-2021, main supervisor is Gunnar Austrheim) Biodiversity dynamics in urban areas under changing land-uses

Anders L. Kolstad (PhD student 2015-2019) Ungulate-mediated effects on ecosystem functions and services in boreal production forests

Master Students

Anna Sobocinksi (Master student (2020-2022) Mapping carnivore community structure in Norway across 100 years

Emma Petterson (Master student 2020-2021) Functional diversitsy of Arctic carnviores

Sonia Pujara (Master student 2020-2022) How do warming and herbivory affect the phenology of non-native plant species?

Rachel Guindon (Master student Université Laval, Québec, 2018-2020, main supervisor is Jean-Pierre Tremblay) Assessment of the resources used by muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) in Nunavik and development of a community monitoring protocol.

John Maxwell Salisbury (Master student 2019-2021) How do moose influence climate? The effect of moose browsing on surface albedo in Norwegian successional boreal forest.

Former master students

Peter Frank (Master student 2018-2020) Climate and herbivory as drivers of woody plant growth in Alaksa

Maria Alejandra Aguilar Tomasini (Master student 2018-2020) The phylogenetic diversity of Mexican mammals

Hans Ivar Hortman (Master Student 2018-2020) Climate and reindeer herbivory as drivers of woody plant growth in Finnmark.

Kjersti Rønhovde Styve (Master student 2019-2020) Phylogenetic Diversity Patterns across Trophic Levels in Norway.

Ingrid Bekken Snøan (Master student 2018-2019) Use of Lidar data in assessing effect of moose browsing on boreal forests

Jesus Adrian Chimal Ballesteros (Master student 2017-2019) Mapping the functional and phylogenetic diversity of boreal and arctic herbivores

Vilde Lytskjold Haukenes (Master student 2017-2019) Impacts of climate and land-use change on carbon storage in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem

Sarah Adom Yawsom (Master student 2017-2019) Integrating ecological informatics and ethnobotany to map ecosystem services in Ghana

Ida Marielle Mienna (Master student 2016-2018) Spatial phylogenetics of the Norwegian flora.

Victoria Berger (Master student 2016-2018) Successional dynamics in boreal forests: what is the impact of moose browsing, and which pathways are preferred by landowners?

Winta Gebreyohanis (Master student 2015-2017) The effects of browsing and climate on above- ground carbon stocks in boreal forests.

Joana Awuah Adofo (Master student 2015-2017) The impact of bushfire on plant functional groups and carbon storage in the savanna of northern Ghana.

Philbert M. Ngoti (Master student 2015-2017) Feeding ecology Of Eastern Black Rhinoceros (Diceros Bicornis Michaeli) in southern Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Ina Åsnes Skjellbred (Master student 2016-2017) Spatial patterns in the phylogenetic diversity of Arctic herbivores.

Toril Nes (Master student 2013 – 2015). The Effects of Moose (Alces alces)Browsing on Boreal Tree Species in Norway and Quebec

Kristin Wangen (Master student 2013 – 2015). Understanding the Ecology of Three Mixed Northern Hepatic Mat Species at Regional Scale through Species Distribution Modelling, and Local Scale through Growth Measurements and Micro-Climatic Assessment.

Marie Maurset (Master student 2013 – 2015). Long-term Effects of Shifts in Grazing Pressure on Alpine Plant Species along an Elevational Gradient.

Else Marte Vold (Master student 2011 – 2013). Management effects on low-herb diversity in outlying grasslands

Suzanne Hansen (Master student 2010 – 2012). Red-listed vascular plants species in sub-alpine and alpine landscapes: How does land-use affect their distribution?

Career and Education

2001 – 2005: BSc (Hons.) Biology, University of York

2006 – 2009: PhD Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen

2009 - 2016: Postdoctoral Fellow & Reseacher, NTNU University Museum, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

2016 - Present: Associate Professor & Researcher, NTNU University Museum, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


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