Background and activities

Modeling of new technology for less waste and better environment.

Simulation and modeling energy system, indoor climate, ventilation technology (SD control, ZEB)

Design and modeling of processes and industrial systems, automation (PLS, CNC) and processing of signals and assignments. (pneumatics, hydraulics, actuators). Industry 4.0

Product development (methods IPD DP CPS m.m) Innovation 4.0

Product testing, modeling and process development. Measurement regulation and quality control. Procedure and testmethod Development for Industrial Products (Car / Offshore) Certification Bonding Adhesives and Welders (Laboratory Testing NDT / DT, Certified Level 3; Industrial Radiography RT, Level 2 MT PT VT)

International cooperation: Published with researchers from Germany, France, Hungary, Sweden and most Ukraine through the SID Sustainable International Development (2010/2018) project, launched with a EURASIA project in 2010, where I helped establish an online learning center at the CPI (Mc. Sustainable Manufacturing 2012) + 7 new SIU and Natoprojects. Mention HM SPS NATO 2016/2018 National Director of Peace and Security in a project that develops handheld mine, HNP Sustainable Development Winnipeg ZEB 2015/2018 (SIU) and PhD candidate NTUU Process Modeling "Methods Mathematical Modeling of Processes with structural dynamic correction of metering converters "2014 will be completed in 2018.
In addition, engineering cooperation with M.E. Scmalkalden F.H.S. since 1994 and IPD PhD School University Magdeburg / Malta 2013/2014. Establishing exchange engineer engineer, technology design and management students England, Germany and others.
Asia: The Baliproject where I helped to establish Eclipse Campus B. Udayana University (2011/12).

Other about me: likes to teach and give students opportunities themselves. Prefer active learning methods such as laboratory work / Learning Factory, Innovation Projects CPS (Antilean) fuzzy front end, focusing on new technology, establishing positive social learning relationships in teams, interaction and independent problem solving.

Sumary subjects and areas of interest: modeling signal processing measuring systems, sensor technology, automation, control and regulation product production. CPS creative problem solving, intrapreneurship and student company. Product development welfare technology, material testing NDT / DT and project management. ENERGY, energy technology, state changes and simulation, industrial heat and ventilation technology. Pedagogy, student-oriented learning methods, project-based learning, management and group dynamics. Learning Factory.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Bokalrud, Terje; Sterten, Jo. (2002) Effektbesparelse ved VAV ventilasjon i store bygninger Energy savings experienced from full scale VAV ventilation trials. 2002.
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