Background and activities

About me:

I can assist you with questions related to your education plan, possibilities for exchange, study environment, student well-being, facilitation, illness, leave of absence, psychosocial questions and anything else you may be wondering as a new student or throughout your time as a student at NTNU.

Questions related to subjects must be directed to Halsten Aastebøl

Questions regarding application procedures for International master programs?


Welcome in!

Feel free to drop by my office between 09.00 - 15.30. The door is always open for students.
It is also possible to send an email to arrange a time that suits your schedule.

Mazemap: I am located on the 3rd floor of “Elektrobygget”, just above the canteen, office A392D

Student counselor for:

  • Energy and Environmental Engineering (5-year program + 2-year program)
  • Electric Power Engineering
  • European Wind Energy Master (Track: Electric Power Systems)

Other roles:

  • Counselor for students' mental health and wellbeing at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.
  • Project leader for the Faculty Matriculation ceremony.

Academic background