Background and activities

Expertise and research interests

  • Power cycles and turbomachinery
  • CO2 capture
  • Process modeling and simulation


  • PhD Thermal Energy (NTNU, 2010)
  • Master of Science Mechanical Engineering (Virginia Tech, 2001)

Current position

  • Associate Professor Process and Power (2019–)

Previous positions

  • Head of research group Thermal Energy (NTNU, 2017–2018)
  • Associate Professor Thermal Energy (NTNU, 2014–2018)
  • Postdoctor Thermal Energy (NTNU, 20122014)
  • Researcher Energy Systems (GE Global Research, 2011)
  • PhD Candidate Thermal Energy (NTNU, 20062010)
  • Engineer Gas Turbines (Alstom Power, 19992006)


Current supervision

PhD Candidate Roberto Agromayor

PhD Candidate Giorgia Mondino

PhD Candidate Jairo Rúa Pazos

Postdoctoral fellow Ángel Álvarez Pardiñas

Postdoctoral fellow Marcin Pilarczyk


PhD Candidate Cristina Zotica, Department of Chemical Engineering

PhD Candidate Brede Hagen

Finished PhD candidates

Rubén Mocholí Montañés
PhD thesis:

Current research projects

Low Emission Research Centre – LowEmission

Innovative hybrid energy system for stable power and heat supply in offshore oil and gas installation – HES-OFF

FME Centre for Energy Efficient and Competitive Industry with Low Environmental Impact – HighEFF

Expander Test Laboratory within the National Laboratories for an Energy Efficient Industry – HighEFFLab

Competitive power production from industrial surplus heat – COPRO

Enabling technology for the Development of moving bed Temperature swing adsorption process for post combustion CO2 capture – EDemoTeC

Electrification and efficient energy supply of offshore oil platforms

Dynamic process simulation of decarbonized power generation

Dynamic modeling and simulation of post-combustion CO2 capture system integrated with natural gas combined cycle power plant – DynCap

Compact offshore steam bottoming cycles – COMPACTS

Master student topics

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Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

  • Pardiñas, Ángel Á.; Pilarczyk, Marcin; Agromayor, Roberto; Nord, Lars O.. (2019) Design of an Experimental ORC Expander Setup Using Natural Working Fluids. Proceedings of the 5th International Seminar on ORC Power Systems.
  • Pili, Roberto; Siamisiis, Nikolaos; Agromayor, Roberto; Nord, Lars O.; Wieland, Christoph; Spliethoff, Hartmut. (2019) Efficiency Correlations for Off-design Performance Prediction of ORC Axial-flow Turbines. Proceedings of the 5th International Seminar on ORC Power Systems.
  • Riboldi, Luca; Nord, Lars O.. (2018) Optimal Design of Flexible Power Cycles through Kriging-based Surrogate Models. ASME Turbo Expo 2018: Turbomachinery Technical Conference and Exposition. Volume 3: Coal, Biomass, and Alternative Fuels; Cycle Innovations; Electric Power; Industrial and Cogeneration; Organic Rankine Cycle Power Systems.
  • Rúa, Jairo; Nord, Lars O.. (2018) Exergy Analysis for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants. Proceedings of The 59th Conference on Simulation and Modelling (SIMS 59).
  • Nord, Lars Olof; Bolland, Olav. (2010) HRSG DESIGN FOR INTEGRATED REFORMING COMBINED CYCLE WITH CO2 CAPTURE. Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo 2010 : Power for land, sea and air (GT2010), June 14-18, 2010, Glasgow, UK.



  • Agromayor, Roberto; Nord, Lars O.. (2019) AnnularDiffuser1D: one-dimensional annular diffuser model implemented in MATLAB. NTNU. 2019.
  • Agromayor, Roberto; Nord, Lars O.. (2019) AxialOpt: A Meanline Model for the Design and Optimization of Axial Turbines. NTNU. 2019.
  • Mocholí Montañés, Rubén; Nord, Lars O.. (2019) Taking a flexible operation power plant to the next level with carbon capture & storage technology.
  • Agromayor, Roberto; Nord, Lars O.. (2018) Repeating Stages for Axial Turbines in Low Temperature Rankine Cycles. ASME Turbo Expo 2018 ; 2018-06-11 - 2018-06-15.
  • Nord, Lars O.. (2017) Experiments at the world’s largest test center for CO2 capture.