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Vassbygget, Valgrinda

Background and activities

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Neby, Lars Kristian; Lia, Leif. (2011) Dimensjonering av slakke fjellbolter - Resultat av fullskala forsøk. 2011. ISBN 978-82-8208-027-9.
  • Ruud, Anne Marit; Lia, Leif. (2011) Environmetal rehabilitation of Dam Bitdalen. CRC Press. 2011. ISBN 978-0-415-68267-1.
  • Lia, Leif. (2010) The dam safety engineering course - 17 yeras of experience and development. 2010. ISBN 978-3-85125-118-0.

Part of book/report

  • Hiller, Priska Helene; Lia, Leif. (2015) Practical challenges and experience from large-scale overtopping tests with placed riprap. Dam Protections against Overtopping and Accidental Leakage.
  • Sas, Gabriel; Bretas, Eduardo Martins; Lia, Leif. (2015) Advanced sliding assessment of Målset dam; Tests and numerical analysis of unbonded joints. CIGB ICOLD Twenty-fifth international congress on large dams, 17-19 June, Stavanger, Norway.
  • Vereide, Kaspar; Richter, Wolfgang; Lia, Leif. (2014) Benefits of the Air Cushion Surge Chamber for Alpine Hydropower Plants. 18th International Seminar on Hydropower Plants.
  • Nøvik, Hanne; Jørstad, Oddvar; Lia, Leif. (2011) Experimental Study of Back Flushing of Trash Racks. Proceedings of the 34th World Congress of the International Association for Hydro- Environment Research and Engineering: 33rd Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium and 10th Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering.