Background and activities

  • PhD candidate currently working on finding out more about how bacterial communities change over time and how they are invaded
  • teaching TBT4130 - Environmental biotechnology

PhD student in the Analysis and Control of Microbial Systems group interested in microbial ecology. 

Bacteria live in complex ecosystems. Microbial ecologist aims to understand which bacteria inhabit an environment, how these bacteria interact, and their roles. My project aims to estimate how randomness (stochastic processes) play a role in how bacterial communities change over time (succession) and how this randomness impacts invasions in bacterial communities. 

Understanding the contribution of this randomness on bacterial community assembly is crucial for obtaining a mechanistic understanding of the structure and function of bacterial communities. During the past decade, microbial invasions have gained more attention, especially regarding the properties of the invader and resident community. However, how the assembly processes contribute to invasion success is still poorly understood. As bacterial invasions can impact community composition and functionality, understanding more about the invasion process is essential to predict and possibly control invasion. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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