Background and activities

Main field: Nonlinear partial differential equations arising in fluid mechanics

Most works on the Euler equations concern travelling waves upon rotational currents, with critical layers. My current focus is mainly on fully — or very weakly — dispersive nonlinear equations of nonlocal type, such as the Whitham equation and its siblings. Here, questions about the existence and regularity of so-called highest waves, solitary waves, as well as existence times in the evolutionary problem are particularly intriguing.

Current research group

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I am a member of the The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters. CV available for download above.

Preprints and online first

  • M. Ehrnström,S. Walsh and C. Zeng. Smooth stationary water waves with exponentially localized vorticity. 40 pages. arxiv:1907.07335
  • M. Ehrnström, M. A. Johnson, O. I. H. Maehlen, F. Remonato. On the bifurcation diagram of the capillary-gravity Whitham equation. Accepted for Publication in Water Waves (2019). 38 pages. arxiv:1901.03534
  • M. Ehrnström and Y. Wang. Enhanced existence time of solutions to the fractional Korteweg-de Vries equation. SIAM J. Math. Anal., 51 (2019), pp. 3298–3323. arxiv:1804.06297
  • M. Ehrnström and E. Wahlén. On Whitham's conjecture of a highest cusped wave for a nonlocal shallow water wave equation. Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré Anal. Non. Linéaire, 36 (2019), pp. 1603–1637. arXiv:1602.05384



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