Background and activities

Rune Nydal is an Associate Professor at the Programme for Applied Ethics, The Programme is to stimulate ethical reflection in research and education sector at the university. Nydal has been one of three employees since 2005. He studied atomic physics (MA) and philosophy (MA) at the University of Bergen. His doctorate from NTNU investigates the philosophical rationale for ELSA (or RRI) initiatives, through a study of the establishment of microarray technology and the FUGE initiative in Norway. Following this, he have been investigating the ELSA strategy of “integrated” or “collaborative” projects in a number of ELSA projects, in particular the Crossover research projects where he has been the PI.  Crossover is part DrugLogics experiment  integrative approaches. Nydal teaches research ethics and the ethics of science and technology. He is a member of The National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology (NENT). He co-edited The Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics in the period 2006-2013, and have been coordinated the ELSA Norway network since 2013.

Researech interest

The ethics of Science and Technology. Research ethics. The integration of ethics in lagre scale research programs. The ELSA and RRI of genomics

Current research projects

Project member in ethics workpackage of CoolWine (ERA CoBioTeck) 2019-2023  and Bio-engineered palladium nanoparticles (DigitalLife Norway) 2018-2021. 

Project leader. Crossover 2. Well-constructed knowledge commons. Norwegian Research Council, SAMANSVAR program 2015-2020

Project member. DrugLogic. NTNU Helse, Strategic research area, NTNU 2015-2018     

Project leader. ELSA Norway. ELSA nettverksprogram 2013-2019

Past research projects

Project member. Ethos of personalised medicine. ‘Spearhead’ prosjekt at the faculty of humanities. 2014-2017

Prosjektleader. "Crossover Research. Well constructed systems biology" ELSA program, Norges forskningsråd 2010-2014.       

Project member "Socially robust solar cells" Norges Forskningsråd 2010-2013

Prosjektmember  ELSA wp Biotek 2021 Enzymatic modification and upgrading of marine polysaccharides 2013- 2016

Prosjektmedlem i ISP-FIDE Applied Ethics: Technology and Governance of Health and Natural resources. 2013- 2015

Projectmember “Nanoethos”  evaluative syntehis project financed by the ELSA program NFR, 2009 See report

Prosjektmedlem. “Nanotrust”. ELSA program, Research Council of Norway: “Nanotrust, ethical conditions for a socially robust use of nanobiotechnology in aquaculture”.  See RCN news

Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database

Journal publications


  • Nydal, Rune. (2009) Coproduction as a normative posture. Studied in the context of genomics. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG. 2009. ISBN 978-3-639-18349-8.
  • Kuhn, Thomas S.; Nydal, Rune. (2007) Vitenskapelige revolusjoners struktur. 2007. ISBN 9788252567052.
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  • Nydal, Rune; Solberg, Berge. (2006) Juks,uredelighet og god forskning. Tapir Akademisk Forlag. 2006. ISBN 82-519-2140-6.
  • Nydal, Rune. (2002) I vitenskapens tid : introduksjon til vitenskapsfilosofi etter Thomas Kuhn. Spartacus. 2002. ISBN 82-430-0202-2.

Part of book/report

  • Nydal, Rune. (2021) How to techno-fix climate change problems in winemaking – and legitimately get away with it. Justice and food security in a changing climate.
  • Nydal, Rune. (2021) Revitalizing nanoethics: Nanotechnology at the center of nanoethics. Handbook of Nanoethics.
  • Nydal, Rune. (2021) Specialist courses in research ethics: more important now then they used to be?. The Future of Doctoral Research. Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Nydal, Rune; Solberg, Berge; Myskja, Bjørn Kåre. (2019) Interessekonflikter i forskning: Om forskningens saksorienterte forpliktelse. Interessekonflikter i forskning.