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Olav Egeland is Professor of Production Automation at Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He graduated as (1984) and (1987) in Electrical Engineering at NTNU, and was professor of Robotics at Department of Engineering Cybernetcs 1989 - 2004. He was co-founder, CTO and CEO of Marine Cybernetics AS 2004-2011. 

In the academic year 88/89 he was at the Robotics Lab of the German Aerospace Center in Oberpfaffenhofen. In the period 1996-1998 he was Head of Department of Engineering Cybernetics, Vice Dean of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, and member of the Research Committee for Science and Technology at NTNU. He was Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 1996-1999 and of the European Journal of Control 1998-2000. He received the Automatica Prize Paper Award in 1996, and the 2000 IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology Outstanding Paper Award. He has supervised the graduation of 85 MSc and 23 PhD, and was Program Manager of the Strategic University Program in Marine Cybernetics 1997-2004, and particpated in the Centre of Ships and Ocean Structures at NTNU 2002-2004. His research interests are within modeling, simulation and control of mechanical systems with applications to robotics and offshore systems 

  • Coordinator of MSc Program in Subsea Engineering
  • Head of the Robotics and Automation Group.
  • Manager of Work Package 2 and 4 in SFI Offshore Mechatronics.
  • Scientific Coordinator of Manulab, a national lab for production technology.
Computer vision and 3D sensors for topside automation. 
Design of Robotic Cleaning System for Salmon Processing Lines.
Industial PhD, Optimar AS.
Robotic Milling of Sand Molds for One-Piece Casting of Al and NiAl.
Oshaug Metall AS, BIA Project
Nonlinear friction and elasticity in motion compensation systems.
Sensor Fusion, Point-Clouds and 3D Maps in Offshore Automation.
Vision Systems for Offshore Crane Control in Ship-to Ship Operations.
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O. Egeland and J.T. Gravdahl, 2002,
Modeling and Simulation for Automatic Control.
The book is sold by the university bookstore Akademika Gløshaugen, Alfred Getz' vei 3, 7034 Trondheim. The book may ordered by email at

Modeling and Simulation for Automatic Control, pdf

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