Background and activities

Olav Torp has over 25 years of experience in research and teaching activities within the field of Project Management. His main focus has been general project management with special focus on Uncertainty analyses and Uncertainty management in projects and project planning and control activities related to project cost and time.

Torp has over many years worked with companies, especially Norwegian public agencies (Road autorities, railway authorities and Statsbygg) when it comes to cost estimation and uncertainty analysis of project costs and uncertainty management. This through participating in and facilitating a large number of uncertainty analysis processes, development of theoretical and practical frameworks and methods, giving company adapted courses in the field etc.

Torp have been supervisor for a high number of master students through their work with specialization project and master thesis, often in cooperation with companies in the construction industry.


  • TBA 4135 Organization and Economy in Building and construction projects (course responsible).
  • TBA 4128 Project Management Specialization course  (course responsible)
  • TBA4155 Project planning and analyzis (giving lectures)
  • TBA4315 Transport infrastructure economics (giving lectures)
  • Supervisor of TBA4531-Spezialization project (9.semester)
  • Supervisor of master thesis work (10. semester

Post graduate courses for the industry (examples):

  • BA6202 Project Risk Management (course responsible, both open course and company spesific course)
  • BA62XX Project planning and control, basic project management (course responsible, both open course and company spesific course).
  • BA6250 Lean building process (course responsible)

Olav Torp is deputy head of department at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and head of research group Byggeprosess at the department. He is also center manager for Center for Sports facilities and technology, see


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