Background and activities

Professor in Project Management at NTNU Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Focussing Project Execution Models/Project Delivery Models.

Through his career Ole Jonny Klakegg (MSc, PhD) has alternated between teaching and research at the university, and working as a consultant in project management. This way he has built a substantial experience including theoretical and practical perspectives.

In his current position he is Professor in Project Management, primarily working with research on project execution models. 

In a previous position he was Research Director Concept Programme in the period 2004-2010. Klakegg has 30 years of experience in research, teaching and consulting within project management, including 15 years experience as manager and consultant in private sector. He has worked in several periods at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim and different consultancy companies in Norway.

He has experience from a large number of major projects in Norway in public sector and several private sector industries, including building, civil engineering, transport, health, defence and organisational development. Currently a main research interest is widening this experience into an international context. Another key interest is the consequence of and the premises for digitization in the construction industry. Specifically in rasing the level of performance in construction. 

Research interests:

  • Governance of projects - the project as value creation process
  • Project Execution Models/Project Delivery Models
  • Project models and execution strategies
  • Partnering, contracts and incentives
  • Front-end management of projects, decision making
  • Management of risk and uncertainty
  • Construction management
  • Process management/Facilitation of group processes
  • Stakeholder management
  • General project management issues (cost estimation, scheduling, quality etc.)

Ole Jonny Klakegg has the following positions in construction research:

  • Program manager for the Construction program in Project Norway.
  • Member of the Advisory board for Conbcept Research Programme
  • Chair of the R&D-panel of Construction City Cluster
  • Member of the research programme council for Campus development at NTNU
  • Project Manager for Optimaltid Project - Early Contractor Involvement (NFR)


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