Background and activities

My research mainly concerns the everyday life of children and youth with a particular interest in digital media practices. I take a discourse analytical approach to children’s participation in digital media practices. I am interested in research as a social practices and ethical dilemmas in ethnographic and ethnomethodological research with children. I have published on phenomena such as digital literacy practices, gaming, playing, learning, identity work and research methods. For the time being, I’m working on the use of mobile technologies in children’s play and learning.    


I am member of the research group Studies in Pedagogical Practices (SiPP), which runs the Child & Youth (C&Y)Seminar. Together with researchers within various research fields I run the Discourse Seminar. In addition, I am member of the research group Learning in Everyday Practices (LiEP).


Ongoing projects: 

Children’s Cultural Heritage - the visual voices of the archive (2021-2024)


I am editor of the Nordic Journal of Pedagogy & Critique and on the editorial board on Research on Children and Social Interaction



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Aarsand, Liselott; Aarsand, Pål. (2012) Familjeliv och lärande. Studentlitteratur AB. 2012. ISBN 978-91-44-07809-0.

Part of book/report

  • Aarsand, Pål; Schofield, Daniel. (2021) Deltakerperspektiv i studier av barns og unges mediepraksiser. Barndomsstudier i norsk kontekst : Tverrfaglige tilnærminger.
  • Aarsand, Pål; Melander, Helen. (2020) Digital literacy practices in children’s everyday life: Participating in on-screen and off-screen activities. The Routledge handbook of digital literacies in early childhood.
  • Aarsand, Liselott; Aarsand, Pål. (2019) Doing Data Analysis – Collaboration, Creativity and Critique. Doing Educational Research — Overcoming Challenges In Practice.
  • Aarsand, Pål. (2018) Spilling til bekymring: Ungdommers standpunkter til og begrunnelser for bruk av digitale spill. Ungdom, danning og fellesskap. Samfunns- og kulturpedagogiske perspektiv.