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About us - CCYS

Who we are

Critical Childhood and Youth Studies (CCYS) brings together academics with interdisciplinary backgrounds, fieldwork experiences, and theoretical orientations. We are engaged in research with children, youth, families, and communities in diverse social and spatial contexts. CCYS seeks to explore, understand, and theorize diverse childhoods and what it means to be a young person in the world today. Members carry out research that privileges children’s perspectives using qualitative, ethnographic, and participatory methodologies; developing insights into the lifeworld of differently gendered, abled, classed, raced, positioned, cultured children and youths. The approaches to knowledge production are critical and reflexive. The research group not only values collaborative, cross-cultural, contextual, and relational knowledge but also contributes perspectives to the methodological, theoretical, and epistemological development of childhood and youth studies.

Activities and publications

Activities and publications

Critical Childhood and Youth Studies has the following aims:

  • Scrutinize, engage, and contribute to the ongoing debates on the ethics and politics of knowledge production in childhood studies, youth studies, and education&
  • Explore collaborative and transformative research methodologies that empowers research subjects, including children and young people, in ways that place their experiences and capacities at the heart of knowledge co-generation
  • Contribute to the development of interdisciplinary theoretical ideas about childhood and youth in different societal contexts of an interconnected world
  • Collegial sharing of critical insights, knowledge, and experiences through reading seminars, and discussing each other’s work
  • Nurture doctoral candidates and early career researchers to develop their research projects through mentorship and co-publishing practices
  • Build networks with other research groups within NTNU, nationally and internationally to facilitate joint research, grant applications, and sharing of expertise on childhood and youth studies and education.

Reading seminars:

This is where we discuss key literature (books, journal articles) and keep up to date with new debates in childhood and youth studies.

Childhood and Youth Studies Seminar: monthly seminar where members discuss work-in-progress texts, fieldwork materials, ideas for book, etc.



Critical research and knowledge production. The IPL Conference 22 September 2022.


The Child and Youth Seminar Trondheim 25 November 2021.

Research members teach in the following study programs:

  • Bachelor in Education
  • MPhil in childhood studies
  • Master of Science in Education and Upbringing
  • PhD in Educational Sciences – specialization Interdisciplinary Child Research   
  • PhD in Educational Sciences – specialization Education 

CCYS members publish their research in diverse interdisciplinary social science journals. Some members serve as editors and/or international advisory board members in many of the following journals.