Background and activities

Pasi Aalto is the centre director for NTNU Wood, a cross-disciplinary centre that advances projects, studies and initiatives at NTNU with wood and forests as their primary resource base.

Pasi Aalto (M.Arch) is an assistant professor at the Department of Architectural Design, History and Technology, where his work focuses on the use of Computer Aided Workflows in architectural education and research. Pasi works directly with students from bachelor and master degree levels, with work ranging from simple software use to entire masters degree courses focusing on specific aspects within his field of work, such as prefabricated 1:1 structures for CNC processes and parametric generation of complex geometry.
Pasis field of study focuses on the aspects of inputs and outputs in parametric systems and the processing of data through such systems. This work ranges from generating digital data from real life situations, such as 3D scanning, sensor networks and public data structures to CNC fabrication, assembly and 1:1 scale built structures.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Artistic productions

  • Aalto, Pasi Olav; Dyvik, Steinar Hillersøy; Rintala, Sami Juhani. (2015) Gapahuk i Gloppen kommune - 1:1 bygging. Friluftslivskolen. 2015.
  • Carvalho, Carla; Andreassen, Thea Hougsrud; Aalto, Pasi Olav; Rintala, Sami Juhani. (2015) Sauna på Østmarkneset. 1:1 Bygging med arkitektstudenter. NTNU. 2015.
  • Aalto, Pasi Olav; Stokke, Per Christian. (2013) Vrimmel - Kunstnerisk utsmykning ved Strinda VGS, Trondheim. Ingen. 2013.


  • Siem, Jan Helge; Braaten, Bjørn Otto; Aalto, Pasi Olav; Gilberg, Arnstein Olav; Manum, Bendik. (2012) Birdwatching Tower in Rindal. 2012. ISBN 978-82-7551-077-6.

Part of book/report

  • Aalto, Pasi Olav; Rintala, Sami Juhani. (2016) Phases of intensive design and build workshops in architectural education. Structures and Architecture Beyond their Limits.
  • Siem, Jan Helge; Braaten, Bjørn Otto; Manum, Bendik; Aalto, Pasi Olav; Gilberg, Arnstein Olav. (2013) The advantage of full-size construction as an educational tool in architecture education. Structures and Architecture – Concepts, Applications and Challenges.
  • Siem, Jan Helge; Braaten, Bjørn Otto; Aalto, Pasi Olav; Manum, Bendik. (2012) Researc by design - A study of main differences in architectural expression, timber engineering and interaction between these when digital modelling is compared with physical modelling as design tool. World Conference on Timber Engineering WCTE2012, Final Papers, Strength and Serviceability - Extreme Events.


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