About TrollLABS

About TrollLABS


We are a multi-diciplinary research group located at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. 

Our aim is to investigate and improve the process of the early fuzzy front end in any cases of engineering design. With a curious and rapid testing mind-set we deal with topics from prototyping tools and user-involvement to hard-core offshore engineering projects.

In time of technological and social discontinuities, the capability of a company to generate radical new products, services and systems becomes critical. TrollLABS is aiming at understanding the development of radical new ideas in the very early phases of product development - the early fuzzy front end.

TrollLABS is a research and prototyping laboratory, established fall 2014. The lab is located above the Product Realization Lab, with a selection of specialized machinery available to the lab users.

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