RAMS Laboratory

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

RAMS Laboratory

In line with the digital transition of NTNU, the Norwegian industry and government agencies, the RAMS group is customizing our educational efforts and research in the same direction. An important part of this effort is to provide students at all levels (BSc, MSc, PhD) with up to date laboratory facilities for RAMS real-world related experiments.

Scope of the RAMS lab

The starting point for the RAMS lab is to support educational and research activities related to maintenance and in particular related to predictive maintenance. A further perspective we will also include risk and reliability as part of the lab. 

Physical lab vs virtual lab

The physical lab is placed in the vicinity of the RAMS group, at present Valgrinda.

In addition to the physical lab we will in a long term extend the activity to also cover a virtual lab. This lab comprises “real life” systems and associated data collection systems.


Vibration monitoring rams lab

Dye Penetrant testing rams lab

Magnet Particle Testing rams lab