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Nanomechanical Testing Laboratory

The Nanomechanical Testing lab is equipped with tools for mechanical testing, analysis and characterization. In the lab, students, researchers and industrial partners can acquire new knowledge and develop their ideas.

The Scanning Electron Microscope in the lab is used for teaching, research and industrial applications. These applications include fractography, imaging of coatings, biomaterial characterization and surface characterization.

Work in the Nanomechanical Testing Lab

Using a Nanoindenter, we are able to analyze different types of materials' mechanical properties. These materials can be experimental materials at teaching and research level or complicated industrially relevant materials such as Super Duplex Stainless Steel or Ni-Superalloys. Within the Nanoindenter, using a novel-developed electrochemical set-up, we perform tests at small scale and locally to the objectives of interest to investigate degradation mechanisms of materials.