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Corrosion Laboratory

The Corrosion lab is located close to Perleporten at Gløshaugen and is operated in cooperation with SINTEF Applied Mechanics and Corrosion. Our seawater laboratory is located at SEALAB, Brattøra. In the corrosion laboratory, master students and PhD Candidates from NTNU can work in close cooperation with research scientists from SINTEF. This creates an inspiring research environment for master students and PhD Candidates.

Work in the Corrosion Lab

The laboratory has the following equipment:

  • Tools for electrochemical testing
  • Tools for CO2/H2S testing in autoclaves with high pressure/high temperature
  • Tools for testing of Hydrogen diffusion
  • Tools for testing of paints and coating
  • Advanced instrumentation for surface analysis and characterization

The Corrosion Lab is operated in close cooperation with the Tribology Laboratory