Background and activities

Information about myself

After receiving a degree from NTH in 1984, I joined Statoil Research Centre in Trondheim in 1985 to work within their “Material Technology” group.  During this period I was involved in several research projects, material selection activities for new fields and failure analysis for existing fields.  I also worked as Department Manager for some years.

In 1991 I joined CorrOcean in a combined management/technical position to develop the company from a small national company to be a leading international company within “Corrosion monitoring and corrosion management”.  During my 13 years with CorrOcean the company grew from 30 people to 350 people with activities in all the major oil regions in the world.  I also got the opportunity to visit the most important regions with oil activities in the world including Asia, Australia , South America, North America and Europe working with the leading oil companies and supplier industry.  During my years in CorrOcean the company was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

After 20 years in oil industry I accepted an offer to be a Professor within “Corrosion and Surface Technology” at IPM in 2004.  I still have good contact with the industry and use my contact and experience to develop my courses and to get interesting industrial related projects both for master students and for PhD candidates.

I am present manager for the Strategic Area Materials (Tematisk Satsingsområde Materialer) at NTNU.

Fields of interest

  • Material technology for the oil industry
  • Corrosion of metallic materials for the process industry
  • Corrosion protection by cathodic protection and/or coating
  • Corrosion, erosion and wear resistant materials and surfaces
  • Tribology (including tribo-corrosion)
  • Integrity management of  production systems
  • Hydrogen embrittlement of metals


In the following is given a short presentation of the main research projects I’m involved in:

HISC - Hydrogen induced stress cracking of stainless steels
(2005 – 2011) JIP sponsored by Statoil, ConocoPhillips, Total, Shell, Petrobras, Chevron and supply industry.

Prevention of hydrogen induced stress cracking (HISC) in subsea pipelines and production systems made from stainless steels
(2006- 2012)   Project sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council through the Petromaks program.

NODE Advanced Riser Tensioning project
(2007-2010) Project sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council through the Petromaks program together with National Oilwell Varco, Aker Solutions Maritime Hydraulics, Bosch Rexroth, Umoe Mandal, Statoil.

Pulsed plasma surface treatment (PPST) – effect on hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen absorption and diffusion
(2009-2012) JIP sponsored by Total, Aker Solutions, FMC Kongsberg and MoTECH Plasma.

(2006-2010)  Project sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council through the Petromaks program together with oil companies and service industry.

NOWITECH – Norwegian Research Centre for OffshoreWind (2009-2015)  FME sponsored by The Norwegian Research Council and the industry.  Participating in activities related to optimization of maintenance including coating technology.


  • TMM4100 / TMM4105 -  Materialteknikk
  • TMM4170 / TMT4255 - Corrosion and corrosion protection
  • TMM4205 - Tribology and Surface technology
  • TMM4535 - Robust material selection and design – offshore applications

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